About Us:

The Ridge provides opportunities to learn and teach, where like-minded people together to brainstorm, show and tell, exchange ideas and inspire. Think of this as a very targeted “TED Talks” format mixed with hands-on exercises for those interested in housing, construction materials, and crazy real estate concepts. While The Ridge is not envisioned as a huge moneymaker, we proudly proclaim that it’s good and honorable for everyone involved to produce and exchange with others. Our target participants are those who are GREAT at something and who unabashedly earn a living by doing that thing GREAT thing. The Ridge and each of its sponsors such as The Ridge, Raider Realty, Centergy Group, Knotted Olive Capital, Union Corrugating, and various programs at MTSU should get something out of participation just as the participants themselves. Benefits to iCCRE and sponsors may range from exposure, marketing consideration, or cold hard cash. Nobody comes to the workshops or events for free – even students. Everyone must produce in some way and everyone is expected to gain in some meaningful way – new ideas, networks, recreation, relaxation, gourmet food, new friends. As for The Ridge, hopefully, these workshops and events can even turn a PROFIT at some point in the future. If they do, that means that the sponsors and participants VALUE what’s being done and want to come back for more – a win-win.

The Ridge (incorporated as “the ridge tn, inc.”) is a registered non-profit, incorporated in the state of Tennessee. Our status may be verified at the Tennessee Secretary of State website at THIS LINK.