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For Spring 2020, we have several shipping containers available with bunk beds to accommodate between 6 and 9 people. We have also prepared numerous sites for tents and several with ZipTie Domes which can be used with a covering like a tent. There are also several nice AirBnb properties nearby which can accommodate you in style. Several options will be available including a room in a luxury mountain cabin with access to a swimming pool and other amenities to a primitive camping site and several options in between. All options will be available on a first-come, first-served basis. See the information below for additional options planned for Summer 2020. By then, we should have the Glamping Design award winner ready, a hempcrete tiny house and several additional “concept” housing units based on the topics we discussed in our Fall 2019 event.

Luxury Cabins – There are several Airbnb cabins available (as of 4/13/2020) averaging around $300 per night. We’ve stayed in one of the closest rental cabins and it was super nice. Guests would be encouraged to reach out to the owners via Airbnb directly to make arrangements to rent one of these homes. The one we stayed in was $315 per night plus cleaning and service fees. It would be around $4150 for the 10 days and can accommodate 8 people who could share to save cost. These are NOT walking distance to the dome site. Guests would need a car.

Here are a few that are close by.

Camping-Containers – We have two shipping containers that are setup with dorm-style bunk beds on the property. The bunks are full size on the bottom and singles on top. They are prices per bunk with two people allowed on the bottom bunk and one on the top bunk. These have electricity for charging phones and have light. They are steps away from the “potty hut” which features an odor-free composting toilet system, shower and sink with a view to the lake. Prices are for the first night, the other 9 days are included for free. (Check back for more photos showing the new divider and main entry door.) CLICK HERE to make a reservation for 1 or CLICK HERE to make a reservation for 1-2.

Yoga Camp – another container is at the top of the next hill, a very short walk. It features a comfy queen bed and another “pallet bed” with cushions. Next to it is a dome structure with a covering, table, chairs and a nearby fire pit. This campsite has a solar system for lighting and device charging as well as a mulch-type potty system and a 5-gallon water jug for drinking, tooth brushing, and hand washing. Showers may be taken in the main camp. This small compound would provide a bit more privacy away from the main camp. CLICK HERE to see the price for the first night, next 13 nights included free! (Check back for photos showing the adjacent dome, new kitchen area, fire pit, and interior) Click Here to reserve the Yoga Camp

Primitive camping – we can smooth, level, and put ground covering down or prepare areas for hammock camping for as many people as want to stay – primitive camping can be a tent, tarp, hammock, or just on the ground under the stars with one price for the first night, the next 13 nights are free. A charging “cabinet” will be provided for devices but there will not be power to the campsites, no extension cords will be permitted. Primitive campers will have central access to running water, hot showers, sinks, a covered area to sit, and a composting potty hut. CLICK HERE for current pricing and to make a reservation.

Main Shed – During the day, this building will function as the camp office. At night it will serve as sleeping quarters in the futon couch that folds out. The Shed features air conditioning, sleeping for 2-3 people. Glass doors looking out to camp, laminate flooring, insulation, and a deck. This one is where the camp leader usually stays but it is open to guests for larger events. CLICK HERE for the price for the first night and the next 13 nights for free!

The Camper – we have a camper that we hope to relocate to the property that will accommodate 2-4 people. This option will most likely be used by our workshop leaders but we may be able to accommodate other RVs or campers. Please get in touch with us so we can learn what you need to make your experience awesome!

Camp Huts – we’re planning the construction of some buildings like these. They WILL not look exactly like this but will be super cool nonetheless. Come early, help build yours and you can stay in it for free! Otherwise, CLICK HERE for the price for the first night and the next 13 nights for free! We are experimenting with different designs and have just completed several prototypes – one micro version, then another full size version that we’re going to use as a laundry room. They are designed for one person with a single bed but we are open to building some to handle couples with a queen bed or two singles. See photos of the current design and prototypes below.

RV Camping Spots – Variable Pricing

Here’s a video I took of some of the possible spots. here’s what we could do, $250 for the place that’s right up near the camp where I could run you a garden hose and an extension cord would reach (you bring the hose and extension cord). Maybe not amperage enough for your air conditioner, but everything else would be fine. Then $200 for the one right down the hill from camp, $150 for the one where I mentioned that we used to park a long trailer, and then $100 for the field near the entrance that is near the bulldozer toward the end of the video. We just got that camper with the big tarp over it up here and it’s a complete disaster, leaky roof, rotten wood in the ceiling in some spots. I’m hoping we can get it where I can stay in it during the workshop myself!

These spots will be added to the “store” on the website on-demand only until sold-out! As each spot requires some bulldozer(grading) work to do to support an RV. ALL RV REQUESTS MUST BE PLACED ATLEAST 3 WEEKS IN ADVANCE!

Video Tour of RV Spots:

RV Spots via Google Maps:

Here’s the map. As you come in from the road you have “Grand Entrance” “Trail Wood” “Flat Bed Fred” “Big View” “Side Saddle” and “Wooded Nook”. As you can see, “Flat Bed Fred” and “Big View” are up close to camp, power and water, less than 200 ft. The others are too far for extension cords and hoses. See the scale on the bottom right.