Weather and Refunds : There is a chance that the event will get rescheduled due to weather or other natural disasters. If an even is scheduled for outdoors, we may cancel if rain or freezing temperatures are forecast. This could be for safety reasons, comfort of the participants, or because the workshop requires warmer temperatures for materials such as cement. If that happens, there will be NO refunds in the event the workshop is rescheduled. Even participants in a work day will not receive a refund. Why? The registration fee refund “scheme” plays TWO important incentive functions – first to encourage people to “produce” before or during the event. That can be money (your fee), supplies, material, or some service of value to the group. Second, is to encourage you to show up at the event. Refunds will be give only to those who ATTEND. So, you will need to attend a future event/workshop. Furthermore, if the money is that big of a deal to you then you may want to reconsider your participation and go waste it somewhere. None of the people who have spent literally years and months preparing for the workshops gets any kind of refund!

Consumption of alcohol is prohibited during workshop hours and will never be provided by The Ridge. Illegal drugs are never welcome at The Ridge.